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ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibilty.

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The International Standards Organisation, ISO is currently developing a guidance standard on Social Responsibility that has the potential to affect, in varying degrees, the daily lives of  millions of people and all types and sizes of organisations around the globe. It is intended to be suitable for governments, consumers, all industry sectors, labour organisations, academia, non-government organisations, research bodies and service providers; in other words, suitable for everyone running a business, offering labour, providing services, making use of resources and thus being both a part of society and a factor of societal welfare!

The ISO 26000 is a guidance standard, offering guidance, advice and recommendations on what an organization “should” do. It does not contain requirements. ISO 26000 is not an ISO Management System Standard (like the ISO 9000 series or ISO 14001) and is therefore not certifiable, even if the chosen number 26000 may mislead to such a belief. In this context, please have a look at the pages “Certification? No!” and “Misuse of ISO 26000”.

The success of the standard will depend upon the ability of the Working Group – Social Responsibility within ISO (ISO/TMB/WG SR) to carefully balance the interests and imperatives of all stakeholders in developing the standard, and to obtain the widest possible feedback from the community on the publicly available drafts before finalisation.  

The author of this web site is committed to the success of the guidance document and its application, and to this end, the objectives of this website are:

  • to add to existing initiatives by others to raise the general awareness of the ISO Social Responsibility project and its potential outcome,
  • to provide background information on the project and its origins,
  • to provide links to relevant ISO web pages and documents,
  • to give guidance on how interested persons may have an input to the development process, and
  • to contribute to the success of the project by helping to ensure that the finaly published standard is suitable for use, and accepted by it’s key users, i.e. by industry and services and particularly small and medium sized organizations
  • to reflect the views of practitioners that result from a quick user survey into the further development of the guidance document. 

The CD1, Committee Draft 1, is a very important step in the development process because  ISO national member bodies now get involved for providing comments and votes. The document can be downloaded from . In offering background information, among others, on the project, providing general and detailed comments on CD1, and deliberations on the future of social responsibility, this website may be useful for all interested in this project and in the possible use of the guidance standard.

Information on and proposals for the DIS phase (Draft International Standard) are offered here.


 An estimation, to whom it may concern...

ISO, the International Standards Organization, set up, through its TMB (Technical Management Board) first the SAG (Special Advisory Group) on social responsibility (SR) (work started end of 2002) and thereafter a WG SR (Working Group) to draft the guidance standard.

This website briefly describes what SR is, some characteristics of the project and offers comments on the current draft, which is designated CD1, i.e. Committee Draft 1. As CD1 the draft is presented for the first time to ISO national member bodies for comment and vote. Subsequent steps may be further CDs and, thereafter, a DIS (Draft International Standard) and an FDIS (Final Draft International Standard), followed by the publication as an IS (International Standard) foreseen in 2010.

The information offered may be useful for purposes such as orientation, judgement of the standard’s practical applicability, input for commenting and voting, discussion in groups, associations, etc.

The website reflects the author’s personal view; he has been involved in the project from its very beginning in early 2003. It does not claim completeness; any suggestions for amendments or changes are welcome, and to be sent to the author.


Many thanks to all friends who helped in establishing this website!


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Una estimación, a quien corresponda

 ISO 26000  - Guía sobre Responsabilidad Social

La Organización Internacional para la Normalización, (ISO) estableció a través de su TMB (Consejo de Gestión
Técnica), primero:   el SAG (Grupo Asesor Especial) en responsabilidad social (SR) –tarea que comenzó
a fines de 2002 y más adelante un WG SR (Grupo de Trabajo sobre Responsabilidad Social) para elaborar el borrador de la Guía.

El presente sitio de Internet describe brevemente qué es la Responsabilidad Social, algunas características del proyecto y brinda comentarios sobre el borrador actual, llamado Committee Draft 1 (Borrador de Comité n° 1), CD1 por sus siglas en inglés. Como CD, el borrador se presenta por primera vez a los Órganos Nacionales de
Normalización,  miembros de ISO, para su comentario y votación. Los próximos pasos pueden llevar directamente a un DIS o a sucesivos CDs y luego a un DIS (Borrador de Norma Internacional) y a un FDIS (Borrador Final de Norma Internacional), seguido de la publicación como un IS (Norma Internacional) prevista para el 2010.

La información ofrecida puede ser útil a los fines de orientación, para juzgar la aplicabilidad práctica de este Guía, como entrada para comentarios y votación, o intercambio de ideas en grupos, asociaciones, etc.

La página Web refleja la experiencia personal del autor; quien está involucrado en el proyecto desde sus inicios, a principios de 2003. No se encuentra concluida; por lo tanto  cualquier sugerencia para hacer correcciones o cambios, serán bienvenidos, para ser enviados al autor.


Muchas gracias a todos los amigos que han ayudado a crear esta página Web!

Gracias a  ISO por permitir que los documentos del proyecto estén públicamente disponibles en


Eine Einschätzung, wen auch immer sie angeht...

ISO 26000 Beratungsnorm zu Gesellschaftlicher Verantwortung

ISO, die internationale Normungsorganisation, setzte durch sein TMB (Technisches Lenkungsgremium) zunächst eine SAG (Spezielle Beratungsgruppe zur Aufgabendefinition) zu gesellschaftlicher Verantwortung ein, gefolgt von der WG SR (Arbeitsgruppe Gesellschaftliche Verantwortung) mit der Aufgabe, die Beratungsnorm auszuarbeiten.

Die vorliegende Website beschreibt kurz, was Gesellschaftliche Verantwortung ist, dann einige Charakteristika des Projektes und bietet schließlich Kommentare zum aktuellen Entwurf an, der sich CD 1 nennt (Komitee-Entwurf 1). Als CD wird der Entwurf erstmals den ISO-Mitgliedsorganisationen zur Kommentierung und Abtimmung zur Verfügung gestellt. In der Folge kann es weitere CDs geben und dann wird es einen DIS (Draft International
Standard) und einen FDIS (Final Draft International Standard)geben und schließlich kommt der IS (International Standard) zur Veröffentlichung, was für 2010 vorgesehen ist.

Die hier angebotene Information kann nützlich sein z.B. zur allgemeinen Orientierung, zur Einschätzung der praktischen Anwendbarkeit der Norm, als Input für Kommentierung und Abstimmung, oder zur Diskussion in Gruppen oder Verbänden u.s.w..

Die Website stellt die persönliche Zusammenfassung des Autors; er ist im Projekt seit Anbeginn im Frühjahr 2003 engagiert. Sie beansprucht keine Vollständigkeit; Vorschläge für Ergänzungen oder Änderungen sind willkommen; bitte per E-Mail an den Autor.


Allen Freunden sei vielmals gedankt für ihre Hilfe beim Erstellen der Website!

ISO sei gedankt dafür, dass alle Projektdokumente öffentlich verfügbar sind unter



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