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2009-07-09  The complete series of slides in English is now available 

2009-07-06 It’ worth mentioning that slides on “Check for Effectiveness” are available
                 in English, and as “Wirksamkeitsanalyse” in German

2009-06-30 Start making a set of slides available on the ISO 26000 project, its outcome so
              far, its risks, and application aspects; beginning with the English ones

2009-05-30 Misuse: Friendly reminder to NSAI: regarding the strengthened language (as a result of the WG SR Quebec
                    meeting in May 2009) NSAI may wish to consider changing its misleading location of their website entry on
                    ISO 26000 (uploaded on 15 June), see this link

2009-05-15 Adding the Fulfilment of the New Work Item Proposal’s requirements in plain text (English only) to the
                    success criteria, on the English, Spanish and German sites

2009-05-10 The FOUNDATION FOR A NEW ETHICAL BUSINESS is added to the Good Examples; an initiative of the
                    Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona

2009-05-06 offering “SuccessCriteria” for the further development and finalization of the DIS,
                  Draft International Standard, in English, Spanish and German

2009-05-03 Adding the BIAC opinion on ISO 26000 CD in Spanish

2009-05-01 Adding, in English and German, the opinion of BIAC on ISO 26000 CD;
                  BIAC is the Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD

2009-04-29 Good examples: the IEEE technology fund has been added

2009-04-28 Misuse of ISO 26000: the Sancert (South Africa) case is solved and will be taken off after
                     several working days; you may wish to look at this link for details

2009-04-28 ISO 26000 CD, análisis  de los resultados de los votos, en Español

2009-04-25 Site on “Misuse of ISO 26000”: rechecking the websites of
                    NSAI  (ISO member of Ireland): no essential changes have been made;
                    SANCERT  (South Africa): envisaged changes have not yet been implemented; kind reminder sent
          Note: the site on Misuse of ISO 26000 gets the highest number of all hits (all was more than 30.000 in March 09)

2009-04-25 The position of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce on the ISO 26000
                 Committee Draft has been included, in English, Spanish and German

2009-04-21 Provision of the results of the “Quick user survey” (a 1 MB document, in English only)) on the user survey site,
                    and on the English, Spanish and German site.

2009-04-13 Analysis of the CD voting results in German

2009-04-11 Rewording of the introductory text of the pages on “Opinions of other organizations” in
                    English,Spanish and German, including a link to the documents  that contain the
                    3.400+ comments (N160) and related annexes (N161)

2009-04-11 Adding the French Position Paper to the sites Opiniones de otras organizaciones and
                    Meinungen anderer Organisationen

2009-04-10 Added a page ‘Contents’ that shows now the complete structure of this website at a glance
                  and links directly to the pages a visitor would want to access

2009-04-10 Adding the French Position Paper to the “Opinions of other organizations”, on the English site

2009-04-10 Evaluation of the voting on CD 26000 completed, (in English)

2009-03-30 the CD1 comments by NORMAPME, the European organization on standardization interest
                  of small and medium enterprises are available in English,Spanish and German;
                  the comments themselves are in English

2009-03-29 The AFAQ case is taken off the website because it was solved by friendly communication. In case of 
                    remaining interest you may send an e-mail to the author

2009-03-29 The whole website has got a new structure to be better prepared for the
                     coming DIS, FDIS and IS phases

2009-03-23 The  CD1 comments of IFAN, the International Federation of Standards users are available,
                    with their friendly permission, on the English, German and Spanish sites; the comments themselves
                    are in English.

2009-03-21 The IOE comments on CD1 are available, with their kind permission, on
                   the English, Spanish and German Site; the 9 pages document itself is in English

2009-03-15 Showing a pre-analysis of  CD voting results (Committee Draft) as performed early March,
                    und als Vor-Analyse auf der deutschen Seite, y en español aquí.

2009-03-14 AFAQ publishes a new leaflet; thanks for the co-operation, case will be taken off the website after three weeks

2009-03-13 The ICC comments on CD1 are available in English, on the English site here; 
                     auf der deutschen Website hier; y en la pagina web en español  aquí.

2009-03-12 Concluding the communication with NSAI while the two issues remain unsolved

2009-03-06 and 09 communication with NSAI on ISO 26000 still being listed as a management system standard under

2009-03-09 AFAQ replies and will change the English leaflet on  guide 1000NR so that the misleading info on ISO26000 certification is going to be solved

2009-03-06 Completed of  comments on CD1 in Spanish (instead of referencing the English texts)

2009-02-18/19 Exchange with NSAI, why ISO 26000 is listed under management systems

2009-02-17 Mail to Sancert, a South African certifcation body: Sancert offers ISO 26000 certification? Asking for clarification.

2009-02-16 Addressing NSAI, the ISO member of Ireland, to correct their website, which shows ISO 26000 as a certifiable management system standard

2009-02-15 Mail to Steinbeis University Berlin to correct their website that shows ISO 26000 next to SA 8000 as a certification scheme

2009-02-09 Letter to BWR Media Publishing house, asking for correction of a misleading ISO 26000 advertisement on the Internet.

2009-02-03 Quick user survey completed, in all three languages

2009-02-01 letter  to AFAQ, asking for clarification of a potential misuse of ISO 26000 for certification

2009-01-30 set up of a site titled “Misuse of ISO 26000





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